How to Have The Best Smelling Home In Town

by Impeccable Touch - August 3, 2017

How to Have The Best Smelling Home In Town


impeccable-touch-bedroom-south-floridaAre you a busy, hard working mom who feels you must choose between having a clean home or spending a little bit of quality time with your children? At Impeccable Touch we understand how difficult it can be to balance a busy work life with an even busier home life, and that is why we specialize in helping busy professionals like you.

Although we know that you’d like us to clean and organize your home daily, that may not always be possible for you. Don’t worry! We have a few tips on how you can have the best smelling home in town every day.

Here are just a few easy and cost-effective suggestions to help your home smell good until we come by to clean it.


1.) You can clip a toilet bowl deodorizer on the rim of the toilet. It will work every day to continuously eliminate unpleasant toilet odors and keep the bathroom smelling fresh and clean.


2.) For the kitchen sink you can buy a deodorized strainer, it will prevent things from getting in the drain and they smell nice too!


3.) Hanging DampRid® in every closet of your home will help trap excess moisture and rid your home of stagnant air and musty smells.

4.) Freshen your bedroom by adding dryer sheets to your drawers, inside your pillowcases and in between the mattress.

Entire Home:

5.) Have multiple Plug-in Air Fresheners throughout your home so that when guests come over it smells good from the moment they walk in.

6.) Light up candles in your kitchen when you are cooking food that smells “funny”.

7.) Book your weekly cleaning appointment with us!

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